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“I hate the sandpaper and all its derivatives. Working the wood to "iron" - that gouge, chisel, scraper, knife and file - is a process much more difficult and time consuming but it allows you to get a fresh and clean cut otherwise unreachable. Add after varnishing a natural wood "cut" and not "sanded" with the details that remain strong and vivid, not mixed and blurred. Everything then, for the refraction of light in paint has a completely different impact and flavour”.

About Visia


As a natural consequence of their intimistic view, Maestro Lazzaro and Lara, they have a constant attention to carry on their heritage and diffuse their vision through the Atelier, located in the historical center of Padua (ITA). Since 1985, Atelier Lazzaro attracts professional musicians as too artists internationally rewarded, and supports young talents and innovative projects.


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