Micro-computed x-ray tomography

Atelier Lazzaro is developing several innovative projects and partnership in collaboration with important interlocutors, as Museums, Foundations, Laboratory of Research, and private collections.
Basically, Atelier Lazzaro is able to offer sophisticated analysis of diagnostic, thanks to the application of the industrial Micro-Computed x-ray Tomography (or micro-CT) to bowed stringed instruments.
This advanced kind of analysis, beyond to provide a scientific approach, support to the activity of quotation, expertise, decisional phase of intervation, restoration works, trade of instruments, and so on.


Micro-CT represents an invaluable non-invasive method of analysis, for non destructive examination, that allow you to appreciate, in terms of spacial resolution:

  • - the exact diagnosis of any damages and reparations, performed at a higher degree of accurancy and reliability;
  • - 3D surfaces and surface texture determination, that can be extracted, analysed and saved with a resolution higher than 50 µm;
  • - accurate bi-dimensional projection;
  • - the geometric reconstruction of the instrument whole structure (both outside and inside surfaces);
  • - plate thickness mapping.


Actually, micro-CT overcomes many of the limitations of clinical-CT – that has been intensively used in bowed instruments investigation in the last quarter of the century – increasing the resolution, and obtaining a very impressive spatial reconstruction.